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Providing outstanding support and infrastructure for community based learning, rooted in Puna, Hawai`i

a 501(c)3 non-profit

established in 2003.

Arts & Sciences Center (ASC)

PO Box 2091

Pahoa, HI 96778

Message phone - HAAS PCS

808-965-3730 ext. 237



Board of Directors



Gail Clarke, President


Gail LoefflerTreasurer


Heidi Hanza, Secretary 


Suzette Ridolfi


Jacquelyn Benton Ching 






 ASC was proud to offer community educational opportunities throughout the 2016 with support from County of Hawaii grants

ASC Puna Campus - Home of HAAS PCS

Arts & Sciences Center Strategic Plan - June 2013
ASC envisions facilities and support for a variety of learning and sharing opportunities across diverse disciplines and perspectives to empower learners to thrive, cooperate, innovate and serve. We envision a community of learners engaged in practices that support the people, culture and the environment of Hawai`i.
ASC is a private, not-for-profit organization, established in 2003, that supports community development and access to education. We exist to improve the quality of life through learning with aloha.
ASC believes in the advancement of intellectual and creative freedom. We foster a culture and organizational structure that values and supports these guiding principles and priority actions:
1. Access to education: ASC provides access to our facilities for community based learning and sharing opportunities. We facilitate organizational excellence by fostering a culture of continuous innovation, responsible resource development, and effective communications. Our unique identity cultivates and celebrates our diverse multicultural community.
1.1 Improve internal communications and collaboration among all stakeholders.
1.2 Enhance our visibility in the community.
1.3 Streamline and clarify administrative procedures.
1.4 Systematically assess and respond to community needs and wants to inform program offerings.
1.5 Facilitate initiatives to give community members and students academic and economic opportunities.
1.6 Investigate and support ongoing efforts in technology and knowledge transfer.
2. Diversity and Cultural Infusion: We celebrate all people, their backgrounds and history, and the unique cultural mosaic of Hawai`i that brings a global community to our doorstep. ASC works to cultivate an inclusive community of people whose interactions both benefit and challenge each other to learn and grow. We honor Native Hawaiian culture, values, and wisdom as inspiration to embrace other cultures, ideas, and perspectives. 
2.1 Develop and implement a comprehensive diversity plan.
2.2 Facilitate infusion of Hawaiian values,wisdom and ways of knowing into academic, social and service activities.
3. Stewardship of the Natural and Constructed Environment: We respect the `aina and appreciate the many lessons it has to offer. we work in partnership with the community to protect, preserve, improve and sustain the unique natural environment of Hawai`i Island and the man-made constructs. We foster a greater sense of community through providing an ecologically sensitive, sustainable and well-maintained environment within which to study, create, work, and live.
3.1 Improve and facilitate the development and maintenance of facilities to meet the needs of the Puna community.
3.2 Identify and secure funds to develop more learning facilities to meet current and projected educational needs.
3.3 Implement and support upgrades to technology infrastructure in our facilities.
3.4 Develop an environmental sustainability plan.
3.5 Partner with the community to responsibly preserve, protect and sustain natural and cultural 
4. Community Partnerships and Economic Impact: We work with local government, business, agencies, educational institutions and other partners to have a positive impact on the local community and economy. We strengthen our economic impact on the community, island, and State of Hawai`i by developing transparent, effective, efficient, and responsive partnerships.
4.1 Improve and maintain fiscal transparency and accountability.
4.2 Regularly monitor and review the strategic plan.
4.3 Work with community partners to respond to community needs.
4.4 Create an awards/recognition program to support and honor partnership capacity and accomplishments.

MAHALO to lender RAZA Community Development Fund!
Longhouse under construction - 2006

Project Based Learning Murals
Hawaiian ahupua`a from the uplands to the sea


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ASC is pleased to sponsor Hope For HAAS, a student driven campaign to raise funds for their school,
Hawaii Academy of Arts & Science Public Charter School.

Arts & Sciences Center - ASC - is a proud co-sponsor, with the County of Hawaii, Hawaii Academy of Arts & Science Public Charter School and the Keaau Youth Business Center, of HAAS Productions film documentary 'Class of 2010', produced by Shootz Studios and Gloria Baraquio. This project paired high school students with professionals to create a film with long-lasting relevance.

'Class of 2010' - Documentary aired on PBS Hawaii 2012

ASC is a proud supporter of the
Hawaii Academy of Arts & Science (HAASPCS)
New Century Public Charter School
located in Pahoa, Hawaii

The mission of the Hawai’i Academy of Arts and Science Public Charter School is to educate, enrich, and inspire the whole student to thrive by understanding the past, navigating the present, and preparing for the future. Renewed by stakeholders April 2014.